Wednesday, February 04, 2009

guys. today kn my beloved mr derek tan(which is takasima's branch manager) showed up and held a meeting. dye announced that this friday, ktorg akn ade fair for 10 days. gosh. teruja sgt ble dgr ade fair. pluang tok cri DUIT beb! $) i target nk dapat 50K in 5 days. possible ka? i hope i can do it. coz commission fr 50K tu RM4000 lo.lom cmpur basic pay ag. kaye mk cik nxt month cmtu. =)skang ney just kne work REALLY REALLY hard to reach tht goal la. gmba ney wktu i g break ngn syarin at subaidah's(as usual). ktorg dok planning sales tactic for the upcoming fair.

and so ari ney kami sume excited gle psl tht fair. actually staff branch carrefour ade 8. there's gonna be 2 teams sent to tesco lo.4 will go for the first 5 days, the rest will stay at carrefour n go the next 5 days. i need u guys nye moral support really. cant wait for the fair! *grin*

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