Tuesday, February 10, 2009

guys. mule2 i must let u ALL know tht ths morning i gain 0.5kg. which means tht berat i skang 53.1kg. i gain that much weight in the last four days! can u believe tht? gle arh. since the first day fair kt tesco, i mkn byk gle. psl ltey kn, rse nk mkn je keje. adoi. takot sgt gain weight la. so, i hve to start back my diet program.=| lepas tmbang2 my weight td, customer i call. ckp nk dtg tgk brg. ble dye dtg plak, i excited la igtkn dye nk purchase on the spot. but, rupe2nye dye nk wat tender supply equipment for UTEM. ceh, melepas commission aku! luckily he treated me for lunch. and u know wht? he offered me a job! tht was his intention from the very beginning. dye nk i advertise company dye la. cam promoter lo, but promote company dye. merepek je, dala i barely know him. lgla was2.pape pn, kalo tender dye menang i bley dpt commission kot. =D hee. blk keje td, syarin, kak ina, an, abg najib and myself pegi mkn ikn bakar kat umbai.mmang sah gmok ak camni. we went there nk abeskn duet gji lo.dala gaji i ciput gle this month.(i pnye rm 517 je) bcoz x ckup 1 month lg keje sne. tp 1st gaji ney of coz i'll treat my family to dinner la. amek berkat dulu la kate org. anyway, today i had a customer who is a doc. i told him tht i wanted to be a doc, and he actually adviced me to search for other options. coz dye kate, jd doc is like giving up ur life for others. and again, i started having second and even third thoughts bout this job. confuse jd nye. its okay. i'll discuss things over with my loved ones. u see, my mum actually wants me to be a doctor. i wonder whether i should just stick with pharmacy? hurm.

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