Monday, February 16, 2009 terlambat dua ari to update on my valentine. neway, pg2 bute lg i texted ninie to wish her good luck for her date with ase on tht day.and da g bce blog ninie da, the date was awesome.*happy tok ninie!* after tht i went to work as usual la. the whole day was quite boring as passer by hanyela couples yg g date on valentine. *jealous sgt coz rmi yg dpt bunge!!* let me tell u guys one thing. i didnt get anything for valentine from anyone this year! so, i pon bising2la di takasima. kecohla konon2 x dpt flowers.dalam ati ckp,xde org ke nk nyamar jd secret admirer i jp?? xp *i know. i know. pathetic kn?* anyway, these are those great peeps whom i spent valentine's with.

haha. dpt a kiss from kak lina.

syarin get to hug 2 hot girls *perasan kn2?*ngee.happy la tu eh?

kami kebosanan on valentine's day.=)

finally my long day's over. as usual, blik uma ngn syarin la tht night. as we head to his car*mase nie kat staircase* i saw a red plastic which contains... guess2?? a red rose!!*poms2 to me!!* dpt gak bwk blk bunga akhirnye.=D conclusionnye, i brought back bunga yg dikutip. haha. jnji ade la kn?

pathetic nye.siapela yg g buang bunga kat tangga ney?kn da rugi. hee.

anyway, ktorg pn g la teka2 whose flower tu kn. agk2 dorg had a fight kot. gf dye throw the flower and left. main point is, i got a red rose for valentine! begitula cerita 14 feb sy yg boring tentunye.

attn: ninie and ase tersgtla comey together!

attn2:tbe2 trigt mr. ex ble nmpk gmba latest dlm blog ninie.=

attn3:dont worry, sy okay.hee.single itu hot!

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