Thursday, February 26, 2009

hey guys. cam lame pula da xupdate kn? anyway, yesterday was my day off from work. so, as usual ade driving class la ngn uncle roland.i dreaded to go to the driving class this time. coz mls le asyik kne mara je. *sakit ati lbey byk tw?* but kugagahi jua utk lesen P tercinta. i was expecting kne mara la for this lesson. but. but. but... x kne pon! instead uncle roland keep on smiling like kerang busuk yg teramat busuk btw. sy pon memandulah dgn sng ati pd ari smlm. ngee. he said tht i improved a lot*thank god! cam nk cium dye pn ade.* since my previous class and i could go for pra test after our nxt class. which is next week. rse cam lambat la plak. coz some of my friends*mimie for example.* suda pn mndptkn lesen P! jeles bley x? hmm. xpela. at least aunt ninie lg lmbt coz kne g umrah. *gelak guling2 smpi peca prot*;D okay2. slepas drving clss, as usual sy kne memandu blk. baru start engine, tbe2 je...HUJAN TURUN DENGAN SANGATLA LEBATNYE! adoi. cuak mk ck sbntr. roland let me drove home dgn hujan lebat plak tu. *buang tebiat pe dye ney??* seriously. mmg gle pnye experience la.siap i cant see the road lg. huh. luckily i smpai ruma dgn slmt. =)
the rain was definitely 10 times heavier than this.hehe.
apabila mlm tiba, of cozla ank pk ck ahmad ney kebosanan. sy pn mgajak la adk sy teman tgk wayang. hee.this time, we all di accompany my bestie,Rakina and my elder sis pnye bf. ktorg tgk cte valkyrie which stars tom cruise yg sgtla comey. tp sedey gle la ending dye. i cried when tom cruise died. ;( overall, 4 stars la for tht film.
comey kn2?? my major crush ney.
after the movie, we went for supper at mc d and for a photography session near samudera museum. ngee. mmg kaki gmba btol. but i'll only upload the photos in the next post. *battery phone abes sbnrnye.*
attn: aunt ninie, sy gurau2 aje ea? n slamat menunaikan umrah. selamat pergi dan balik sy doakn okay. i love u. muahx2!

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