Friday, February 13, 2009

hey, its one day before valentine i still find myself without a date. hee. not tht its a big deal, but da tentu2 la tmrw rmai couple yg akn walk past me in front of the shop kn? anyway, i'm happy for ninie and ase yg akn keluar for a date tmrw! sebenarnye ade jeles sket la, coz da lme x kuar g date lo. =) but, not to worry coz i'm sure i'll hve a great day tmrw. *staying positive ney* as for da reason why da lme gak i x update blog, its because i'm not feeling well. demamla katekn. ngn hingus yg penuh dlm idung lg, its normal tht i dont feel like on9-ing lme2 kn. back to what i was doing today (which's nothing much considering the fact tht i byk pning2 lalat), at 11.30 am ke klinik al-azhim utk mndptkn sick leave since i skip work today. the doc didnt even take my temperature or anythg like tht. dye simply tnye i nk mc bpe ari. sng gle kn? the most ridiculous part was tht dye x bg pn ubt selsema, pdhal i btaw da i selsema. x gne pnye doc! ade liscense ke x eh dye tu? nyesal plak g clinic dye. nvm lo.jnji dpt sick leave. *snyum sorg2* laen kali kalo nk mc saje, da taw la nk g mne kn. ngee.
kim ngn bdk kecik ney. comey kn?
me.sempat culik ank org time fair. =)
conclusionnye, i cant wait for tmrw. part of the reasons are : nk celebrate Eza(my colleague) nye bday and nk jmpe Sam(hot guy). *gatal rpenye aku ney* if dpt gmba Sam, tmrw i upload eh. xp
attn: mama, u're valentine ngn spe eh?
attn2: ninie, do update on ur date okay. nk tw how it goes. ngee. =)
attn3: adeeb, imy syg! tanx for visiting.

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