Thursday, February 19, 2009

hey. ari ney x keje. off day la ktekn.*yay! smakin mls nk keje sbnrnye* =) i woke up at 11.30 am this morning and watched tv slps mndi. activity x byk. mkn je lbey. sib baek dpt catch up on an episode of 90210 ++ brothers and sisters. as i was totally dlm mood khusyuk menonton drama jelita, my phone rang. terigt plak ade jnji ngn uncle roland mw drive ari ney. i tros mlompat cpt2 bersiap untuk g memandu. sempat la plak tgkp gmba kn. hee.
b4 ke driveng lesson. happy je mke.
as usual for my driving lesson, i akn drive from my house to the driving site la. and today, i pn menaiki bukit, buat 2 side parking and all normally. but kesialan btol when uncle roland asyik mengherdik2 driku ini. with wheather yg tersgtla hot and all, i know la he's not in a good mood. xyala nk blame it on me when i make small mistakes.*cam nk cekik2 je dye bley x?* seriously, i was biting my lips the whole time dek menahan marah apabila diriku dimarah2. isk.
half way through the lesson. gram2.
kereta uncle roland yg teringin dipijak2. haha.
adoi. luckily towards the end of the lesson dye da cam cool sket.which was at almost 6.30 pm *we started at 4.30* if not, mmg i tarek mke abes2an ngn dye. then, at about 7.00pm i drove home. end of another tiring driving lesson. next agenda was to go for dinner with my family lo. *1st gaji, blanje dorg mkn, amek berkatla ktekn.* kami pun ke sebuah restoran di alai utk mnikmati ikan bakar for dinner. kekenyangan jugala kami semua mlm ney. xhabis pn semua yg diorder. but i'm satisfied la of course sbb dpt treat them finally. ngee.
antara mknn yg dibantai just now.haha.
tmrw, i msk keje at 11.30am. hve to go to sleep first.later x bgn naya kang.

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