Sunday, February 22, 2009

the last time i checked it's almost a year since i last went to a wedding. yeah. today i went to a wedding. specifically,my friend pnye niece pnye wedding. *complicated sket cte dye.* anyway, in the process of going to the wedding, i actually have to fake an MC. (patotnye kan keje ari ney). hee. coz i wanted to go so bad, da lame gle bley x i x jmpe my friend tu. the event took place in an auditorium in MITC. the bride was so beautiful*bkn psl make up, dye mmg da sedia cantik okay.* and the groom looks a lot like mr ex!! terkejot sy sebentar. ahaha. sygla. i didnt get to snap his picture, if not korg pn ley compare and contrast kn2? but back to the story, niat di hati sbnrnye nk g MANHUNT time wedding tu. unfortunately, keadaan di dlm auditorium agk gelap dan menyukarkan my eyes utk scan for hot guys. in the end, terpaksala mkn and blk tros lps tu.
waa. cam xde cutting je pki kebaya. =
kami bertiga kaki camera!
best sister. i love you sis!
smpi2 d ruma, kami tuka baju and kuar ke klinik al azhim utk mndptkn MC. hee. i told the doc tht i had tummy ache. she gve me mcm2 ubtla and mc for tht day. mission accomplished! yay! after that, me, mama and toncet went for a haircut. x potong pn, just trim aje lo. next two weeks bru i nk g dye my hair. i've waited this long coz rambut x pnjg sgt. syg je dye awl2 kn? skang, luckily da pnjg sket rmbut. xdela ciput sgt ble colour nnt.=)guys, tlg choosekn colour okay? my hair is short at the moment. so, it wont just click with any colour. takot cam alien je jd nnt. hee. trigt mse mule2 dye rmbt black blk last year. gle gothic. ahaha.

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