Monday, February 09, 2009

today is the third day of the fair in tesco, and its a sunday. yet our sales didnt reach our company's target. derek tan(which is my manager) masam je muke. stress plak tgk dye cmtu.smlm i didnt get to sell anything although da byk wat demo. i guess its just harder than i thought lo. ari ney i get to sell 1 bijik GEN2 but share ngn derek la. mknenye commission half2 la. tak sia2 i stood for TWO HOURS just trying to convince that customer to buy the chair. hee, and dye kuakn maybank credit card dye tros swipe cash!=) hepi gle bley tak? slesai ngn customer tu, i dpt a bar of chocolate plak from someone. tataw dye ney nk di introduce as my what. friend maybe. hepi plus2 la i pas dpt chocolate. ngee. all in all, i'm happy ari ney dpt sell something. but. but. but. i mw tamak sket la. still wanna get at least 10K for this fair.

anyway, these are the pics of our fair site in tesco. hopefully tomorrow i bley dpt more sales. lets just pray that i'm closer and to the target!

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