Monday, February 02, 2009

wow. i didn't post a SINGLE thing for the rest of january. ltey sgt kot. well, a little update guys. i've got A JOB now.tu yg busy semacam. and it's a pretty tough job too! in the sales line. i started working on 9th of january. so, skang da almost a month there la. mcm2 customer bley tgk. plus, i learnt a lot. here are my COLLEAGUES. and i LOVE them to bits. fun sbenarnye keje ngn dorg. gelak je keje.

i nk btaw sume that byk gle emotion related things yg da blaku since last month. first of all,i broke up with my special smeone in december. then after jobhunting for so long, dpt gk keje in the beginning of january. ble da start keje, ade 2 days tu i dpt waffle from dunno who. mcm exciting gk la. but dye da x bg waffle da skang. and i still cant figure out spe yg bg. =) other than that, things are going great for me. kne tdo da ney, will continue writing tomorrow!

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