Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i got into the interview room at 4.40 pm. gosh, nervous gle babi ney. my interview session ade 3 candidates only.coz we all yg akhir2 kne pggl. others ade 5 person in a group taw. ble msk dlm tu, ade 3 panel yg sume nmpk sgt welcoming. so, i'm at ease sket. i was given tag no 1 and the interview started with introduction of myself, family background ngn field of study tht i chose la. ppl. in bahasa melayu eh introduction dye. sy suda blur mw ckp ape secare tbe2.*cm mat saleh tatw ckp melayu at tht time* fuh, luckily i proceed aje dgn wht i was hvg in mind. the rest of the interview was carried on in english*lega sket time ney*. i got out of the room at 5.00 pm and i think i did so,so ajela. cuak aje lebey. yg penting interview suda lps. yay!!

at home. before pegi interview ney. nmpk sgt cuak kn?
by the way, smlm kn sy menemani sharina ke salon utk dye rmbut. she chose a colour close to mine tp slightly darkerla. and, and, and. sy tlh gtl2 pegi mndptkn fringe. wahaha. sori ea deyla ngn aunt! sy bosanla. akhirnye, brtmbah bulatla mke sy. mama xkesa kn sy ade fringe? ngee.*dont worry, fiezry tlh menggelakkn sy di dlm kete krn fringe ney. comey sgt ktenye.*

at least sy xla berdahi jendul bile ikat rmbut skang.=)
and the rest is history. rambut baru! rambut baru! ahaha.

Friday, March 27, 2009

hey. i've been going online these past few days for research regarding dentistry and stuff la. it turns out to be a tough job. well, i assume sume job pn tough kn3? skang ni sy online using my dad's laptop, which made me thought of the old pics yg ade dlm ney. ngee. i'll show u some later. seeing those pics buat sy lg self conscious okay. i gained a lot of weight this year. u guys could tell the difference when u guys actually see those pics. bad news is tht i'm actually very, very, very lazy to like actually exercise. its very frustrating. i mean, i set the alarm clock at 7.30am to go for a jog, but in the end i just continue sleeping until 12. gosh, and i ate a lot too. *fiezry made me ate all the time, its bugging me.*=| enough abt the weight issue eh. i found something interesting in one of my old folders. tadaaa!

haha. my old crush. Strong kot name dye. credits to mama for the pic. =)
ngee. seronok juga sbnrnye menyelongkar old albums. mcm terkenang zaman mude2 plak.*perasan tua ney.* neway, main thing ari ney ialah whether sy ptot ptg rmbut dan buat fringe(rmbut depan)?? coz i cam teringin nk ade fringe tbe2. here's my pic time ade fringe dlu.

gamba ney pn dlm old folder. last yr if i'm not mistaken la. so guys, tlg decide kn bley? on monday i nk g salon to trim my hair. tell me, would it be okay if sy ade fringe? xnk la mke sy nmpk bulat smcm or anythg. hee.
attn: mama, help me on this.
attn2: aunt ninie, u too. tlg sy decide okay.

Monday, March 23, 2009

have i told u guys tht my two youngest bro bru aje bersunat?? ngee. it was on 17th of march. kisahnye begini. i woke up tht day at 11, and headed to the bathroom as usual. then, i heard a horrible scream*it was actually a mixture of screaming, crying and yelling at the same time* from downstairs. and then brula trigt. my two lil bro bersunat rupenye. sy bergegas ke bawah utk melihat keadaan mereka. melalak2 aje kejenye. y penting, keadaan mereka sgt lucu. i cant help but laugh at their condition. masing2 dgn kaen plikatnye mraung2 ksakitan. so i thought, why not i video kan saat2 dorg meraung?ngee.

notice the video was recorded half way? thts because kak yanti baling sy dgn bntal. ngee.terpaksalah sy stop recording. anyway. it was a lot of FUN watching them. brula i realised how much i loved my brothers. sy siap kua ngn fiezry lg ptg tu to get them something yg entertaining coz dorg akn terbaring aje the whole time. my mom blikn dorg fake rifles lg utk tmbhn kpd toys mereka yg sudapn belmbak2. manjenye adk2 sy ini.

shafiq: akk, akk. xnk blikan abg hadiah ke?

shamil: aah. kte kn bru je sunat ney.*sengih2 cm kerang busuk*

me : eala, tp nk ape? bkn mama da bli pistol ke smlm.

shafiq: tp mimil yg nk pistol, abg nk BIDAMAN. akk bliknla dua. abg satu, mimil satu.

haish. slps itu sy pn pgla JJ ngn mama utk survey2 BIDAMAN. mak ai. RM 40 for a small one. dala made of plastic. isk2. rugi ney. sy akn bli kalo dbuat dri besi okay. fullstop. not plastic tq.

and so the days pass by without me even realising it. i'm confused. confused, confused. tataw whether i should go on and be a doctor. as i've applied for jpa scholar, there's no turning back. i chose DENTISTRY guys. whether its gonna be good or bad, i'll study hard and make sure tht someday i'll be a great dentist. GUYS, PRAY THAT I'LL GET THROUGH THE INTERVIEW AND ALL.

dentist to be huh?
okay. here's the thing. i've always thought tht i should dedicate my life to fulfilling my parents dream. and tht's why it seems like i dont even know what i want to be, really. even now, sy hanye berniat utk membahagiakan mereka u know.*how noble kn??ngee.* sesudah menyepi for a few days krn berfikir panjang, i've made my decision.as said above, i will be a dentist. no matter wht it takes, i'll go on with it. next step guys? concentrate. i'll be doing some research for the universities that jpa will sponsor and prepare for the interview. please be right behind me friends. really. i need ur support this time. gosh, i finally let it all out. what a relief. =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

hey. today, 12 of march 2009, sy telah mengambil result spm sy yg kua di MRSM TGB. gosh, i was like literally having butterflies in my stomach this morning. adeeb tido di ruma sy smlm dan menemani sy utk mengambil result. i asked a favour from fiezry*bf baru ney. ahaha.* utk mghantar kami ke jasin. and so we went to take our results. guys, i totally AM grateful coz i got 7A1 and 2A2. although i'm a lil dissatisfied with those 2 A2, but xpela. asalkan straight A's kn. fuh, finally this is like the end of all my sleepless nights before the result was out. =) lega rasenye kn. but the best part of today was actually when i met my friends back. sgt rindu mereka okay. only that i xdpt jmpe ppl like mama, aunt ninie, ifa and daya. geram juga krn xpat jmpe mereka.peeps. come on. where are you guys? huu. after blk dr jasin, all of us*fiezry, adeeb, yayang ,abell and ,me* head to mahkota. i watched dragon ball evolution with fiezry. tht movie was actually NICE. bes gler bley x. haha. after tht all of us berjln2 and said gdbye to each other.overall, it was a FUN, WONDERFUL and an ENJOYABLE day for me.
attn:tanx adeeb and yayang, sudi tdo dan lepak2.
attn2: mama and aunt ninie. miss u guys. x pat jmpe pn. =

Saturday, March 07, 2009

guys. notice the new blogskin? nope. you guys didnt enter the wrong blog apparently. it belongs to the same owner which is me *nur shakhina bt ahmad*. ngee. saje sy nk menghebah2kn blogskin bru yg agk comey ini. anyway, since everyone's busy buzzing about the spm results which are coming out just around the corner, i better get myself to be prepared too! i mean, for the worse la. adoi. i really hate to dissapoint my parents. yup. they are my sweetheart., hunny, suga, my EVERYTHING. i think i've messed up some subjects.so, level of confidence=zero! and one more thing, i dont know anything bout University admission and all. sdgkn ade rakan2 yg sudahpn melanjutkn pelajaran.*yayang misalnye* tabik kpd yayang! as the date grows nearer, i lgla makin risau abt the results and university admission. waduh. bisa biol pale otak memikirkannye. and yeah. results is on 12 of march, thank you.gosh. lom pikir lg maw pki ape ke sane. *maklumla, lame suda x pki tudung* =) thinking bout it, i miss the days at school. dgn rakan2, gurau2 sume.
neddy and me. before mock interview.
class 508. lovely classmates. i heart them!
dayah, iffah, me and adeeb. nkl2 rpenye kami. ;p miss those moments.
i have mixed feelings la. thinking that i hve to go back to TGB nxt week to take my results. dala sy suke cari psl ngn cikgu kn. hee. segan pn ade mw g blk mktb.but.but.but. i'll go there for sure, to meet my friends.*cant wait!* hopefully aunt ninie can make it. since she's away for her umrah.
attn:mama. jgn jeles of the blogskin okay.=) i hve no intention of putting twilight stuff here. its just there.
attn2:lets all pray tht results TGB ths yr meletup2!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mummy's bday. 03/03/09

yup. 3rd of march is my mum's birhday. as a good daughter, i should wish her right? but no. that night i went karaoke-ing with all takasima's staff.*combine tesco branch, c4 branch and giant muar* ramai gle bley x? derek treat us all at the jetty,coz ade ramai yg akn resign and to celebrate aishah dpt top sale.
syarin sibuk2 mw amek gamba. with gorgeous eza.=)
now dye cbuk maw amek gamba ngn sy plak. ahaha.
ini sy pd jam 1.30 pg. nak bajet2 in front of the mirror. =p
kul 2 pg bru abes karaoke and i got home at 3. mak ai. ngamuk my dad. i feel guilty at tht time. dala my mum's bday kan. luckily i mmg da plan awl2 for her surprise bday party. i called my big bro last week tok arrange so that he'll be home for her bday*he's living in kl*. but he told me tht he cant make it. terpaksala go on without him. anyway, to cut things short, the surprise x jadi. instead, my mum yg surprisekn all of us by buying 2 birthday cakes for herself*ngee, dye nak menyindir kot*. at the end of the day, kami, the sisters, blikn KFC ajela mkn di ruma. lawak jugak bile tgk cake da ready. ahaha.
attn:ade driving lesson ari ney. this time i totally sucks man. urghh.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

tesco melaka fair. 27-28 february.

last friday and saturday,i was sent to tesco melaka to continue the fair there. seperti biasa, being in tesco boley membuatkn sy tetido while i'm standing. dahsyat kn? in tesco, the air cond mmg x trase langsung. i was sweating all day long! urgh. here's the video at the fair site.

for your info, all the balloons ktorg kne blow sendiri okay! no handy pumps or bike pumps were included in the process of making it. smpi naek lelah2 sy meniupnye. siap kurang oxygen by 50%. tapi i had fun playing with the balloons lo. ngee.and the best of all, dapat culik sorg budak kecik yg agak comey!here she is.

kisah dye begini. as i was approaching customers tht pass by, terpandang si dye. i tengah mkn coklat doughnut*pemberian abg faizal* and so i said hi to her. tbe2 dye pn dtg and nk the doughnut. comey gle dye tadah tgn. sy pn trosla menyuap dye mkn. dye ade pusing 2, 3 kali jugala utk tht doughnut. ahaha.selain dri cerita si kecik yg comey ini, sy juga telah menjual lg sebijik gen 2. yay to me! after those two days kat tesco,*friday and saturday* i went back to carrefour seperti biase on the next day.

sy bertemu kembali bestie sy!

okay. i know. lame gle da x update.as usual, i've been busy. so, today's post akan di separatekn into three post. this particular one is about the outing that i had last wednesday with my long loved friend, Rakina. in my previous post, i've promised to upload the pics right guys?here you go.
rakina, me and toncet. kami di entrance ketika ini. hee.
kami sume nk berkung fu. but then? cam nga dancing pn ade. ahaha.
bestie sekian lame. i miss you babe!
big sis. sy pnjm dye ney skejap tw. jgn mara. =p
and that night, setibenye d ruma, sy di bebeli mummy kerana pulang lmbt. ngee.*smpi kt uma kul 2 lbey kot.* tp x kesala. coz i get to be a journalist for almost two minutes lo. ahaha.=) wanna watch? go on then.

in the end, video dye jd cam weird sket lo. tp ttp puas ati! ahaha.

anyway,tanx to erel who had suggested that we took pics there before we head off to McD for supper.* we only had takeaways as it was pretty late*