Monday, March 23, 2009

and so the days pass by without me even realising it. i'm confused. confused, confused. tataw whether i should go on and be a doctor. as i've applied for jpa scholar, there's no turning back. i chose DENTISTRY guys. whether its gonna be good or bad, i'll study hard and make sure tht someday i'll be a great dentist. GUYS, PRAY THAT I'LL GET THROUGH THE INTERVIEW AND ALL.

dentist to be huh?
okay. here's the thing. i've always thought tht i should dedicate my life to fulfilling my parents dream. and tht's why it seems like i dont even know what i want to be, really. even now, sy hanye berniat utk membahagiakan mereka u know.*how noble kn??ngee.* sesudah menyepi for a few days krn berfikir panjang, i've made my said above, i will be a dentist. no matter wht it takes, i'll go on with it. next step guys? concentrate. i'll be doing some research for the universities that jpa will sponsor and prepare for the interview. please be right behind me friends. really. i need ur support this time. gosh, i finally let it all out. what a relief. =)

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