Saturday, March 07, 2009

guys. notice the new blogskin? nope. you guys didnt enter the wrong blog apparently. it belongs to the same owner which is me *nur shakhina bt ahmad*. ngee. saje sy nk menghebah2kn blogskin bru yg agk comey ini. anyway, since everyone's busy buzzing about the spm results which are coming out just around the corner, i better get myself to be prepared too! i mean, for the worse la. adoi. i really hate to dissapoint my parents. yup. they are my sweetheart., hunny, suga, my EVERYTHING. i think i've messed up some, level of confidence=zero! and one more thing, i dont know anything bout University admission and all. sdgkn ade rakan2 yg sudahpn melanjutkn pelajaran.*yayang misalnye* tabik kpd yayang! as the date grows nearer, i lgla makin risau abt the results and university admission. waduh. bisa biol pale otak memikirkannye. and yeah. results is on 12 of march, thank you.gosh. lom pikir lg maw pki ape ke sane. *maklumla, lame suda x pki tudung* =) thinking bout it, i miss the days at school. dgn rakan2, gurau2 sume.
neddy and me. before mock interview.
class 508. lovely classmates. i heart them!
dayah, iffah, me and adeeb. nkl2 rpenye kami. ;p miss those moments.
i have mixed feelings la. thinking that i hve to go back to TGB nxt week to take my results. dala sy suke cari psl ngn cikgu kn. hee. segan pn ade mw g blk mktb.but.but.but. i'll go there for sure, to meet my friends.*cant wait!* hopefully aunt ninie can make it. since she's away for her umrah.
attn:mama. jgn jeles of the blogskin okay.=) i hve no intention of putting twilight stuff here. its just there.
attn2:lets all pray tht results TGB ths yr meletup2!

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