Thursday, March 12, 2009

hey. today, 12 of march 2009, sy telah mengambil result spm sy yg kua di MRSM TGB. gosh, i was like literally having butterflies in my stomach this morning. adeeb tido di ruma sy smlm dan menemani sy utk mengambil result. i asked a favour from fiezry*bf baru ney. ahaha.* utk mghantar kami ke jasin. and so we went to take our results. guys, i totally AM grateful coz i got 7A1 and 2A2. although i'm a lil dissatisfied with those 2 A2, but xpela. asalkan straight A's kn. fuh, finally this is like the end of all my sleepless nights before the result was out. =) lega rasenye kn. but the best part of today was actually when i met my friends back. sgt rindu mereka okay. only that i xdpt jmpe ppl like mama, aunt ninie, ifa and daya. geram juga krn xpat jmpe mereka.peeps. come on. where are you guys? huu. after blk dr jasin, all of us*fiezry, adeeb, yayang ,abell and ,me* head to mahkota. i watched dragon ball evolution with fiezry. tht movie was actually NICE. bes gler bley x. haha. after tht all of us berjln2 and said gdbye to each other.overall, it was a FUN, WONDERFUL and an ENJOYABLE day for me.
attn:tanx adeeb and yayang, sudi tdo dan lepak2.
attn2: mama and aunt ninie. miss u guys. x pat jmpe pn. =

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