Friday, March 27, 2009

hey. i've been going online these past few days for research regarding dentistry and stuff la. it turns out to be a tough job. well, i assume sume job pn tough kn3? skang ni sy online using my dad's laptop, which made me thought of the old pics yg ade dlm ney. ngee. i'll show u some later. seeing those pics buat sy lg self conscious okay. i gained a lot of weight this year. u guys could tell the difference when u guys actually see those pics. bad news is tht i'm actually very, very, very lazy to like actually exercise. its very frustrating. i mean, i set the alarm clock at 7.30am to go for a jog, but in the end i just continue sleeping until 12. gosh, and i ate a lot too. *fiezry made me ate all the time, its bugging me.*=| enough abt the weight issue eh. i found something interesting in one of my old folders. tadaaa!

haha. my old crush. Strong kot name dye. credits to mama for the pic. =)
ngee. seronok juga sbnrnye menyelongkar old albums. mcm terkenang zaman mude2 plak.*perasan tua ney.* neway, main thing ari ney ialah whether sy ptot ptg rmbut dan buat fringe(rmbut depan)?? coz i cam teringin nk ade fringe tbe2. here's my pic time ade fringe dlu.

gamba ney pn dlm old folder. last yr if i'm not mistaken la. so guys, tlg decide kn bley? on monday i nk g salon to trim my hair. tell me, would it be okay if sy ade fringe? xnk la mke sy nmpk bulat smcm or anythg. hee.
attn: mama, help me on this.
attn2: aunt ninie, u too. tlg sy decide okay.

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