Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i got into the interview room at 4.40 pm. gosh, nervous gle babi ney. my interview session ade 3 candidates only.coz we all yg akhir2 kne pggl. others ade 5 person in a group taw. ble msk dlm tu, ade 3 panel yg sume nmpk sgt welcoming. so, i'm at ease sket. i was given tag no 1 and the interview started with introduction of myself, family background ngn field of study tht i chose la. ppl. in bahasa melayu eh introduction dye. sy suda blur mw ckp ape secare tbe2.*cm mat saleh tatw ckp melayu at tht time* fuh, luckily i proceed aje dgn wht i was hvg in mind. the rest of the interview was carried on in english*lega sket time ney*. i got out of the room at 5.00 pm and i think i did so,so ajela. cuak aje lebey. yg penting interview suda lps. yay!!

at home. before pegi interview ney. nmpk sgt cuak kn?
by the way, smlm kn sy menemani sharina ke salon utk dye rmbut. she chose a colour close to mine tp slightly darkerla. and, and, and. sy tlh gtl2 pegi mndptkn fringe. wahaha. sori ea deyla ngn aunt! sy bosanla. akhirnye, brtmbah bulatla mke sy. mama xkesa kn sy ade fringe? ngee.*dont worry, fiezry tlh menggelakkn sy di dlm kete krn fringe ney. comey sgt ktenye.*

at least sy xla berdahi jendul bile ikat rmbut skang.=)
and the rest is history. rambut baru! rambut baru! ahaha.

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