Wednesday, March 04, 2009

mummy's bday. 03/03/09

yup. 3rd of march is my mum's birhday. as a good daughter, i should wish her right? but no. that night i went karaoke-ing with all takasima's staff.*combine tesco branch, c4 branch and giant muar* ramai gle bley x? derek treat us all at the jetty,coz ade ramai yg akn resign and to celebrate aishah dpt top sale.
syarin sibuk2 mw amek gamba. with gorgeous eza.=)
now dye cbuk maw amek gamba ngn sy plak. ahaha.
ini sy pd jam 1.30 pg. nak bajet2 in front of the mirror. =p
kul 2 pg bru abes karaoke and i got home at 3. mak ai. ngamuk my dad. i feel guilty at tht time. dala my mum's bday kan. luckily i mmg da plan awl2 for her surprise bday party. i called my big bro last week tok arrange so that he'll be home for her bday*he's living in kl*. but he told me tht he cant make it. terpaksala go on without him. anyway, to cut things short, the surprise x jadi. instead, my mum yg surprisekn all of us by buying 2 birthday cakes for herself*ngee, dye nak menyindir kot*. at the end of the day, kami, the sisters, blikn KFC ajela mkn di ruma. lawak jugak bile tgk cake da ready. ahaha.
attn:ade driving lesson ari ney. this time i totally sucks man. urghh.

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