Tuesday, March 03, 2009

sy bertemu kembali bestie sy!

okay. i know. lame gle da x update.as usual, i've been busy. so, today's post akan di separatekn into three post. this particular one is about the outing that i had last wednesday with my long loved friend, Rakina. in my previous post, i've promised to upload the pics right guys?here you go.
rakina, me and toncet. kami di entrance ketika ini. hee.
kami sume nk berkung fu. but then? cam nga dancing pn ade. ahaha.
bestie sekian lame. i miss you babe!
big sis. sy pnjm dye ney skejap tw. jgn mara. =p
and that night, setibenye d ruma, sy di bebeli mummy kerana pulang lmbt. ngee.*smpi kt uma kul 2 lbey kot.* tp x kesala. coz i get to be a journalist for almost two minutes lo. ahaha.=) wanna watch? go on then.

in the end, video dye jd cam weird sket lo. tp ttp puas ati! ahaha.

anyway,tanx to erel who had suggested that we took pics there before we head off to McD for supper.* we only had takeaways as it was pretty late*

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