Tuesday, March 03, 2009

tesco melaka fair. 27-28 february.

last friday and saturday,i was sent to tesco melaka to continue the fair there. seperti biasa, being in tesco boley membuatkn sy tetido while i'm standing. dahsyat kn? in tesco, the air cond mmg x trase langsung. i was sweating all day long! urgh. here's the video at the fair site.

for your info, all the balloons ktorg kne blow sendiri okay! no handy pumps or bike pumps were included in the process of making it. smpi naek lelah2 sy meniupnye. siap kurang oxygen by 50%. tapi i had fun playing with the balloons lo. ngee.and the best of all, dapat culik sorg budak kecik yg agak comey!here she is.

kisah dye begini. as i was approaching customers tht pass by, terpandang si dye. i tengah mkn coklat doughnut*pemberian abg faizal* and so i said hi to her. tbe2 dye pn dtg and nk the doughnut. comey gle dye tadah tgn. sy pn trosla menyuap dye mkn. dye ade pusing 2, 3 kali jugala utk tht doughnut. ahaha.selain dri cerita si kecik yg comey ini, sy juga telah menjual lg sebijik gen 2. yay to me! after those two days kat tesco,*friday and saturday* i went back to carrefour seperti biase on the next day.

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