Sunday, April 26, 2009


suda one and a half week sy x dpt on9. masala internet lg. streamyx sy wat hal. anyway, rse cam byk je bnda yg nk dceritakn. i just dont know where to start. ngee. let me get my thoughts straight first. and in the next post i'll tell u abt my trip to the zoo and hot spring. i'm in a confused state actually. sumenye mengenai hal2 melanjutkn pelajaran. guys, do tell me result utk ape yg da kua eh? i only know tht i dpt matriks kat perak. other thn tht, sy tersgtla blur. okay. cabut dulu!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

sy tgk cite merah dan puteh smlm.
its just another new drama aired on tv. cite dye a lil boring la coz i cant wait for the villain to appear. brula bes sket cte dye nnt kn? anyway, i found out tht my latest fave colour is white! ahaha. cam sronok aje pki all white lo. bajet2 innocent ag. =) downside to tht is i'll actually look fatter la wearing white. but, who cares? its not like i'm bff with paris hilton kn3.
okay. this is creepy. i woke up yesterday morning and i cant open my eyes. its like glued together. dah tenyeh2 mate bru ley bkak. sy pegi tgk cermin and mate sy da mera cam antu! waaaa. it looks like i somehow kene eye infection. no, no, no and a big NO! dala sy nk g date ngn fiezry sok. its our 1st month anniversary tmrw. xkn nk pg ngn mate cam antu? huu. kenela jmpe doc ptg ney. hopefully its nothing. jgn kene saket mate sudala. susa sy nnt. =|
attn: gud luck aunt ninie utk jpj test and interview.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


ujian mendaki bukit: gagal
ujian parking secara membelok: calon tidak layak
ujian parking tiga penjuru: calon tidak layak
ujian di atas jalan raya: gagal

why, oh why, oh why??? kegagalan bertimpa-timpa. tibe2 rse nk bunuh org jpj. why dont u just give me the damn P? i'm a RELIABLE driver okay.*thts too much to ask maybe* ngee.

thts it. sy fail jpj test. clearly, tht shows how good i am at driving rite? =) not to worry, there's always tmrw.

i met adeeb and abell just now. chit chat for a while. serious rindu kwn2. waa. rndu zaman sekola pula skang. ape khabar uztaz hambali dan elyana eh? ahaha. ridiculous rsenye nk mention mereka.

Monday, April 06, 2009

there u go. my youngest brother is finally eight years old today. *unfortuntely he doesnt act like one* ahaha. tanx to his super duper sis(which is me), he gets no special treatment today. grow up bro! i x bli ape2 lg for his bday present lo. maybe tgguh ke next week. (budget larila plak) mama tapau kn kami shakeys and a birthday cake for mimil. blueberry cake ouh. yum,yum!

the excited mimil. mind the poor lighting and messy background yeah.
we had two pizzas left. we stuffed ourselves sick and yet cant finish those. haish.
it was a homey celebration and as usual my dad and big bro cant make it. as for me, its another day where i regretted eating too much. bru aje igt nk join deyla ngn flat tummy program dye. ngee. =) td petang before mama bwk blk the pizzas and stuff, sy dan toncet went for a walk by the lake here. nk exercise la katekn. dont worry, the mission to have a flat tummy is gonna be my top priority from now on!
attn: crunches are tiring la deyla.adoi.
attn2: tmrw ade jpj test. wish me luck guys!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

and so all the work shit has ended, i find myself at home in desperate need to find something better to do other than eating. i dont workout much, u see. that means i'm putting on weight la! okay, bley mati if i have to worry abt my weight the whole time. sometimes i wonder WHY i dont have tht high metabolic rate. kan da bley kuros sket cmtu. hee.
anyway, nk cerita sket ney. smlm sy dan fiezry kua cm bese. but yesterday i decided that i dont wanna do the usual date thingy*makan-watch movie-makan*, boring kn? jadi sy pn suggest la for us to go berjalan2. and he ended up driving with no specific destination until somehow we arrived at............. PORT DICKSON! okay, the other day sy mabuk di dlm kete time kami merayau smpi ke ALOR GAJAH. luckily this time my tummy behaved and my head's not spinning tht much.*phm2 ajela jln nk ke PD tu cmne kn*=)
one of the wakafs' there. the view, stunning!
i was wondering npe la kdai ney xbkak siang2. trase mcm nk mkn bege plak time tu.haha.
mcm sy sdg cekik dye kn? bi, i love piggy-back rides tw. *tgh wonder, ble la dye ney nk larat piggy-back sy.* ;D
i love being by the beach*although panas dek mentari*, coz sgt breezy. mcm nga wat commercial syampoo eh, rambut ditiup2 angin lg. kami pn pegi ke satu kedai di sane utk mnum air kelapa. duduk2 dan borak aje. it was nice actually, to spend time like tht. romantic aje kn3? okay, lepas ney i'm planning on outings like this la. nk pegi mne plak eh?hurm.
attn1: mama and aunt ninie, jgn mara ea sy mrayap jaoh2? ngee.
attn2: bkn sume girls love piggy-back rides ke?=P