Saturday, April 04, 2009

and so all the work shit has ended, i find myself at home in desperate need to find something better to do other than eating. i dont workout much, u see. that means i'm putting on weight la! okay, bley mati if i have to worry abt my weight the whole time. sometimes i wonder WHY i dont have tht high metabolic rate. kan da bley kuros sket cmtu. hee.
anyway, nk cerita sket ney. smlm sy dan fiezry kua cm bese. but yesterday i decided that i dont wanna do the usual date thingy*makan-watch movie-makan*, boring kn? jadi sy pn suggest la for us to go berjalan2. and he ended up driving with no specific destination until somehow we arrived at............. PORT DICKSON! okay, the other day sy mabuk di dlm kete time kami merayau smpi ke ALOR GAJAH. luckily this time my tummy behaved and my head's not spinning tht much.*phm2 ajela jln nk ke PD tu cmne kn*=)
one of the wakafs' there. the view, stunning!
i was wondering npe la kdai ney xbkak siang2. trase mcm nk mkn bege plak time tu.haha.
mcm sy sdg cekik dye kn? bi, i love piggy-back rides tw. *tgh wonder, ble la dye ney nk larat piggy-back sy.* ;D
i love being by the beach*although panas dek mentari*, coz sgt breezy. mcm nga wat commercial syampoo eh, rambut ditiup2 angin lg. kami pn pegi ke satu kedai di sane utk mnum air kelapa. duduk2 dan borak aje. it was nice actually, to spend time like tht. romantic aje kn3? okay, lepas ney i'm planning on outings like this la. nk pegi mne plak eh?hurm.
attn1: mama and aunt ninie, jgn mara ea sy mrayap jaoh2? ngee.
attn2: bkn sume girls love piggy-back rides ke?=P

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