Monday, April 06, 2009

there u go. my youngest brother is finally eight years old today. *unfortuntely he doesnt act like one* ahaha. tanx to his super duper sis(which is me), he gets no special treatment today. grow up bro! i x bli ape2 lg for his bday present lo. maybe tgguh ke next week. (budget larila plak) mama tapau kn kami shakeys and a birthday cake for mimil. blueberry cake ouh. yum,yum!

the excited mimil. mind the poor lighting and messy background yeah.
we had two pizzas left. we stuffed ourselves sick and yet cant finish those. haish.
it was a homey celebration and as usual my dad and big bro cant make it. as for me, its another day where i regretted eating too much. bru aje igt nk join deyla ngn flat tummy program dye. ngee. =) td petang before mama bwk blk the pizzas and stuff, sy dan toncet went for a walk by the lake here. nk exercise la katekn. dont worry, the mission to have a flat tummy is gonna be my top priority from now on!
attn: crunches are tiring la deyla.adoi.
attn2: tmrw ade jpj test. wish me luck guys!

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