Thursday, April 09, 2009

sy tgk cite merah dan puteh smlm.
its just another new drama aired on tv. cite dye a lil boring la coz i cant wait for the villain to appear. brula bes sket cte dye nnt kn? anyway, i found out tht my latest fave colour is white! ahaha. cam sronok aje pki all white lo. bajet2 innocent ag. =) downside to tht is i'll actually look fatter la wearing white. but, who cares? its not like i'm bff with paris hilton kn3.
okay. this is creepy. i woke up yesterday morning and i cant open my eyes. its like glued together. dah tenyeh2 mate bru ley bkak. sy pegi tgk cermin and mate sy da mera cam antu! waaaa. it looks like i somehow kene eye infection. no, no, no and a big NO! dala sy nk g date ngn fiezry sok. its our 1st month anniversary tmrw. xkn nk pg ngn mate cam antu? huu. kenela jmpe doc ptg ney. hopefully its nothing. jgn kene saket mate sudala. susa sy nnt. =|
attn: gud luck aunt ninie utk jpj test and interview.

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