Friday, June 19, 2009

ughrrrrhhhh. kak yanti went back to indonesia for her long break and since i'm at home while waiting for the offer letter from jpa,i have to practically BE a maid in replacement! dang. that's *AWESOME*. with sharina as the assisstant maid, (let me remind u, she's not much of a help) the house really turned upside down. laundry,cooking, cleaning, etc, etc. BABYSITTING is another thing. shafiq and shamil are thrilled tht k yanti's gone and they're being extra stubborn to me n my sisters. we did all the shouting's throughout the day.penat gler tw x? degil amat mreka ini. =.

GOD. why on earth JPA lembab sgt nk post the letter?? i didnt know anythg abt the details for my registration. i dont even know the registration date for crying out loud!
attn: tbe2 dpt duet dr PTPTN. RM1500. hurm? (on loan kot)
attn2: xnk jmpe mr ex kt monash bley x? i dont want to keep missing him all the time.

Monday, June 15, 2009


i'm gonna be eighteen years old this year, n i'm lucky tht i'm not pregnant. well, its like scary to even talk abt being pregnant at this age. well, someone IS pregnant, and tht someone is not me. a couple of days ago, a guy friend called me and asked for a favor. he blurted out tht his girlfriend was pregnant and they were gonna hve an abortion. HELL. i stiffened a stock of curses for him. i mean, he was only 19 and his girlfriend 21. GREAT. they're TOO YOUNG to have kids. but the point is, THEY MADE A MISTAKE. i'm sure a lot of ppl hve been making this kind of mistake which put their life in a total wreck. i'd say BODOH LA KAU! *seriously, rse cm nk yell kt tlinga dye aje* how could u even afford such mistake?? ouh, and did i mention abt killing the baby? DOUBLE BODOH. TRIPLE BODOH. urgh. okay, i can understand tht he's still young n he has his furture laid ahead of him, but spe srh cri psl in the 1st place? so, girls this is simple. try not to get pregnant until u're 28 or so will ya? it creep the hell out of me i'll tell u.
damn. its a relieve to finally let it out.
attn: my friend's identity hve to be kept a secret, and yeah. he's A JERK.
attn2: he was not a jerk until i found out abt his gf being pregnant.
attn3:PLEASE dont ask me whether i did agree on helping him.
attn4: to yayang and deyla, i wish all the best for u guys kt US. take cre n i'm gonna miss u guys. plus, sorry i xley anta u guys the other day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, 7th of june 2009. 1.05 pm.
Someone from JPA called me and said that I got the scholarship. But sadly, not fr dentistry but for biotechnology and not abroad, but just locally. (notice how much BUT I used?) when I hung up the phone, I realized tht I was in a state of panic, calling and texting EVERYONE for their opinions and thoughts on whether I should go or not. Since tht lady on the phone da ckp yg I only hve until the next day to confirm the offer. Thts why I klm kabut sbnrnye. =I wanted so badly to go, coz I hated matrics so much. I deliberated on the course offered actually. On whether I can actually take biotechnology. Thts all.after consultation frm everyone, (I even called the counselor of TGB okay.)I decided tht I wanna give it a try. I mean, its not like I have a career goal set in mind or anythg like tht. *trok kn? Cita2 pn xde. Haish..* when the decision is final, I still hve those little thoughts in my head which goes like, “what if I cannot make it? I don’t wanna end up jobless somewhere in the future!” “what if the subject’s too hard for me?”, etc, etc. come to think of it, I quoted smethg frm the counselor. Ckgu amirudin said tht “xde benda yg susah dlm dunia ney. Tggl awk blaja atau x aje.” It actually made perfect sense. So, I’m leaving this matrics in hope of achieving something better. Pray for me guys! Matrics perak wasn’t actually bad at all. And I felt sad abt leaving it so soon. Here are some pics tht I managed to capture.(maklumlah, busy sgt, x sempat amek byk2)
okay, its only A pic.
Attn: to ninie, sofia, adeeb and everyone else who gave ur opinions, I’m totally thankful! Tanx guys. =)
Attn2:sorry fr another out of the blue decision,I myself is having a headache right now.
Attn3:I guess, back to square one AGAIN. ;P

Sunday, June 07, 2009

wohoo. time does fly. sekejap aje rsenye sy smpat d ruma. *blk pn for weekends je kn.* haish. in approximately abt an hour, i hve to go to mlk central and take my bus to gopeng. but,but, but... i had a blast at home these two days. almaklumlah kn, org HOMESICK. yesterday me, my sisters n cousin watched a movie and spend some quality *girls* time together.
credits to me for the awesome pic. ;P
and yeah, i'm gonna be back to gopeng la after this. hecticness.=|

Friday, June 05, 2009

yup.cik jeje sorg aje yg da lme mghilang dlm dunia blogger ini. dont worry, she's only missing for a while. its not tht i've been busy or what, its just that everything's in a tornado mood the past month. sedar2 sje sy suda brade di gopeng perak. to be precise, kolej matrikulasi perak. wtf?? since i've already accepted the fact tht i'm gonna spend a whole yr there, its okay la. but, i'm still jealous of the fact tht most of my friends are in shah alam. wahaa. bahagianye mnjadi pljr university! i'm stuck in a matriculation college instead. neway, enough of the crap. i'll show the pics, sng nk catch up kn?

trip to zoo! weird plak da besa2 g zoo. ceh.

ni pn di zoo melaka juga. with toncet of coz.

di a'famosa resort. dgn kereta kbl. freak.
picnic! (all girls only) ngn sisters and cousin i yg sorg ney. her name is nadia.
family day out. charlie's angel pose with sisters. ngee.

sy msk hospital skjp. dibawa oleh ambulans. 1st time naek ambulans. ini sume gara2 tummy infection. trok juga ketika itu.

thts abt all tht i manage to tell la. sbnrnye byk sgt. but hve to sum it up lo. neways, to friends: i miss u guys so much! ble nk wat reunion ney?? huu.