Friday, June 19, 2009

ughrrrrhhhh. kak yanti went back to indonesia for her long break and since i'm at home while waiting for the offer letter from jpa,i have to practically BE a maid in replacement! dang. that's *AWESOME*. with sharina as the assisstant maid, (let me remind u, she's not much of a help) the house really turned upside down. laundry,cooking, cleaning, etc, etc. BABYSITTING is another thing. shafiq and shamil are thrilled tht k yanti's gone and they're being extra stubborn to me n my sisters. we did all the shouting's throughout the day.penat gler tw x? degil amat mreka ini. =.

GOD. why on earth JPA lembab sgt nk post the letter?? i didnt know anythg abt the details for my registration. i dont even know the registration date for crying out loud!
attn: tbe2 dpt duet dr PTPTN. RM1500. hurm? (on loan kot)
attn2: xnk jmpe mr ex kt monash bley x? i dont want to keep missing him all the time.

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