Monday, June 15, 2009


i'm gonna be eighteen years old this year, n i'm lucky tht i'm not pregnant. well, its like scary to even talk abt being pregnant at this age. well, someone IS pregnant, and tht someone is not me. a couple of days ago, a guy friend called me and asked for a favor. he blurted out tht his girlfriend was pregnant and they were gonna hve an abortion. HELL. i stiffened a stock of curses for him. i mean, he was only 19 and his girlfriend 21. GREAT. they're TOO YOUNG to have kids. but the point is, THEY MADE A MISTAKE. i'm sure a lot of ppl hve been making this kind of mistake which put their life in a total wreck. i'd say BODOH LA KAU! *seriously, rse cm nk yell kt tlinga dye aje* how could u even afford such mistake?? ouh, and did i mention abt killing the baby? DOUBLE BODOH. TRIPLE BODOH. urgh. okay, i can understand tht he's still young n he has his furture laid ahead of him, but spe srh cri psl in the 1st place? so, girls this is simple. try not to get pregnant until u're 28 or so will ya? it creep the hell out of me i'll tell u.
damn. its a relieve to finally let it out.
attn: my friend's identity hve to be kept a secret, and yeah. he's A JERK.
attn2: he was not a jerk until i found out abt his gf being pregnant.
attn3:PLEASE dont ask me whether i did agree on helping him.
attn4: to yayang and deyla, i wish all the best for u guys kt US. take cre n i'm gonna miss u guys. plus, sorry i xley anta u guys the other day.

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