Friday, June 05, 2009

yup.cik jeje sorg aje yg da lme mghilang dlm dunia blogger ini. dont worry, she's only missing for a while. its not tht i've been busy or what, its just that everything's in a tornado mood the past month. sedar2 sje sy suda brade di gopeng perak. to be precise, kolej matrikulasi perak. wtf?? since i've already accepted the fact tht i'm gonna spend a whole yr there, its okay la. but, i'm still jealous of the fact tht most of my friends are in shah alam. wahaa. bahagianye mnjadi pljr university! i'm stuck in a matriculation college instead. neway, enough of the crap. i'll show the pics, sng nk catch up kn?

trip to zoo! weird plak da besa2 g zoo. ceh.

ni pn di zoo melaka juga. with toncet of coz.

di a'famosa resort. dgn kereta kbl. freak.
picnic! (all girls only) ngn sisters and cousin i yg sorg ney. her name is nadia.
family day out. charlie's angel pose with sisters. ngee.

sy msk hospital skjp. dibawa oleh ambulans. 1st time naek ambulans. ini sume gara2 tummy infection. trok juga ketika itu.

thts abt all tht i manage to tell la. sbnrnye byk sgt. but hve to sum it up lo. neways, to friends: i miss u guys so much! ble nk wat reunion ney?? huu.

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