Friday, June 12, 2009

Sunday, 7th of june 2009. 1.05 pm.
Someone from JPA called me and said that I got the scholarship. But sadly, not fr dentistry but for biotechnology and not abroad, but just locally. (notice how much BUT I used?) when I hung up the phone, I realized tht I was in a state of panic, calling and texting EVERYONE for their opinions and thoughts on whether I should go or not. Since tht lady on the phone da ckp yg I only hve until the next day to confirm the offer. Thts why I klm kabut sbnrnye. =I wanted so badly to go, coz I hated matrics so much. I deliberated on the course offered actually. On whether I can actually take biotechnology. Thts all.after consultation frm everyone, (I even called the counselor of TGB okay.)I decided tht I wanna give it a try. I mean, its not like I have a career goal set in mind or anythg like tht. *trok kn? Cita2 pn xde. Haish..* when the decision is final, I still hve those little thoughts in my head which goes like, “what if I cannot make it? I don’t wanna end up jobless somewhere in the future!” “what if the subject’s too hard for me?”, etc, etc. come to think of it, I quoted smethg frm the counselor. Ckgu amirudin said tht “xde benda yg susah dlm dunia ney. Tggl awk blaja atau x aje.” It actually made perfect sense. So, I’m leaving this matrics in hope of achieving something better. Pray for me guys! Matrics perak wasn’t actually bad at all. And I felt sad abt leaving it so soon. Here are some pics tht I managed to capture.(maklumlah, busy sgt, x sempat amek byk2)
okay, its only A pic.
Attn: to ninie, sofia, adeeb and everyone else who gave ur opinions, I’m totally thankful! Tanx guys. =)
Attn2:sorry fr another out of the blue decision,I myself is having a headache right now.
Attn3:I guess, back to square one AGAIN. ;P

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