Wednesday, July 22, 2009

well, it has been months since i last update. n currently i'm in sunway college doing my foundation under jpa. life's good, n busy. yada, yada, yada. it'll take me forever to ACTUALLY tell wht i've been up to last month. bottomline is, i think im in a new chapter in life. i mean, as a college student la. it's different then when i was in matrics. kt sne cam skola plak. my classes starts at 11 n ends at 5. so, x trse la ari berlalu. cam tbe2 je da msk new week. i guess its good in tht sense. saturdays n sundays are 'hanging out' day. where we(haziq, apek n aizat) lepak2 mostly.  
another update: i broke up with fiezry a few days ago. yup2, i'm single again. =)