Sunday, August 30, 2009


just now, i went to everyone's blog, visited their myspace and all. all of them seems to be moving on with life. ouh how i miss those moments at school. and i miss home too. its hard to watch the pics taken of my sibs n i'm not in the pictures. i miss those times spent with my loved ones. i miss all the laughs over jokes and stupid things with them. i wish i could turn back time, and capture more of those moments so tht i actually have more to look at when i'm alone. i'm writing to tell each and everyone of my friends, and family, that i appreciate u guys being here for me through everything. i didn't forget, and i wont forget how when i needed a shoulder to cry on, u guys were there for me. just so u know, I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!
it's frustrating when u cant use the internet, eventhough u hve wifi at home. ughh. why oh why of all the lappy in the world, my lappy cant  be registered on the system? it pisses me off u know. anyway, its already the fasting month and today's the 8th day i'm fasting without fail. yippee!! topic test 1's result has already came out. i got high distinction for eng, math and bio, but tersangkut kat chemis plak. which is actually bad. susa gle ouh. calculation3. =| 
now i'm actually having my 2nd topic test. for english, all of us have to do an individual oral presentation. mine was on last friday. i'll upload the pics in the next post yeah. i even hve the recorded video. we all hve to dress formally n stuff, so i might look funny in my skirt and blazer okay guys. here are some pics on this lappy. my lappy's in my apartment. curik lappy aizat jp.

gamba gedik aizat. it's actually ween's shades, sje gatal2 dy nk d pmpuan jap. =)

haziq and ween. he was testing ween's camera. haha. btw, this pic was taken before ramadhan okay. so, stop wondering why we have food on our table.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

random ramblings

yes. yes. yes. i finally went back to melaka and bring dad's lappy here. bleyla update slalu pasni. since i'm already at lost on where to start filling in u guys with stories, i'll just upload pictures then.
this was taken a few weeks ago. adam was having his sem break, and of course we went lepak2. ngee. apek, haziq, and mari was there as well. we went to visit yop in UM and i get to meet mimi there too! gle rndu kwn2 wey.
tgk baby ney. gle comey kn? sofia nme nye. she's aizat's sister. i met her a few times already. she's 5 months old and so adorable. haa.
me again. last week i was having my chemistry topic test. i was in the library when i took the pic. hee. smpt lg kn? neway, i only get 65% for the test. gle trok ouh. haish.
yeah. in and out of love. we got back together last week. to cut the story short, i know i still love him and i'm willing to give him another chance. hopefully it'll last longer this time. hee, i know its stupid to take him back. but i'm gonna take the risk. hey, i wanna be happy too u knw. =) so, u guys have to pray for my happiness yeah.
okay, this was taken today. i went out with my sis n cousin. got nowhere else to go, so we headed to jj. did a little shopping and went back at 6. haa. boring2. tht's the end of my day. =]