Monday, September 28, 2009


Monday, September 21, 2009


i was expecting that my raya will be boring this year. the same old routine like waking up at 8, having breakfast and going to the cemetery,yada, yada, yada. but this yr, all of us went to perak after 1pm and spent the night there in my aunt's house. seronok dpt jmpe cousins and nephews. da besa2 sumenye. =) gamba gedik2 sume dlm cam laen, i'll upload lter. cam mls nk cucuk usb plak. hehe.

rabu nnt da nk kne blk casa subang. haish. raye sorg2la dlm uma. =

Saturday, September 19, 2009

eh2, da raye?

maaaaaaaaaaak. memang xrse raye sungguh tahun ney. smlm mama fetch sy from casa subang at 11pm to go to granny's at kg dato harun. dekat sgt okay. perjalanan 10 mins aje camtu. xsempat nak nyanyi lagu "balik kampung" pun. i didnt sleep at all last night, on9-ing and simply bcoz i cant sleep. bersahur at 4 with my sibs at mamak and slept at 6. so ordinary. i missed those times when i was in my KAMPUNG. real KAMPUNG okay. somewhere in kedah. its my dad's hometown, where malam raya tersgtlah meriah. and everybody's soooo excited for raya. haish.

and one more thing. i didnt even buy myself a baju raya this year. sedey gle, but i guess i'm so not in raya mood now. i went to sunway today, igtkn nk cri baju raya, tp jd mls nk jln ble smpi sne. isk2.

itulah saje cerita di malam raya. selamat hari raya everyone. bkn slalu ade peluang nak mintak maaf kat semua kan? forgive me for all my wrongdoings, be it intentional or not. have a great raya, yeah? coz i knw i will. love u all. =)

last class for that day: chemistry.


because i got upset tht he didnt break fast with me on my bday, he took me to break fast with his kkb friends. *ouh, GREAT.* dont get me wrong, but i thought it'd only be the two of us.

luckily haziq was there as well, so i'm not the only one who looks so out of place at that time.

aizat and baby. she'll be leaving to egypt on 28th of september guys. i had a great time actually, since she's being so friendly and all. =)

aizat, me and haliq. kuros da dy skang ouh.

overall, i didnt get mad at him on that day. it was okay for me, as long as i did get to spend some time with him. pathetic, i know. but, whatever. i wanna make this thing work this time. God, give me the strength to hold on please. i DO love him.


mimi and i went down to level 1 of ur apartment to meet apek and haziq. we had a mini celebration for my bday by the pool. *i was lucky enough that i didnt get thrown into the pool.=)* i did get to blow a candle for my bday, it was too windy down there u see.

Make A WISH. and so i did. i wished for him to be happy, and for this thing to last this time.

haziq, apek, akim and myself then went out and we came back at 3am. i was exhausted and i slept till 2pm.

mimi woke me up and gave me my bday present. =) best ouh, bgn pg2 da dpt present. haa. tanx mimi! the rest of the day was spent with nothingness. friends and family: tanx for the bday wishes and presents! i appreciate them all.

he promised to break fast with me on tht day and to celebrate. nope, he didnt make it. and i didnt get to see him on my bday. how bad can it be guys? i dont know. again, sy cakap "xpe" kat dye.
it was nice seeing my close friends whom mi missed so much. lame sungguh rsenye xketemu mereka. finally on 11th september, all of us meet up at adeeb's house. thanx to her, all of us get to gather. iffah came all the way from pahang, dayah frm shah alam and me from subang. we watched eden lake before all of us dozed off tht night. (btw, eden lake sgt scary okay. i watched it halfway only). the next day, we went for last minute raya shopping. pnt la jugak, walaupun start to shop at about 2pm. haha. selesai menjelajah kedai2 yg ade, kami berbuka di mne ya? xigt nme restaurant dy. coz food dy cam pelik,and all of us were too busy filling our tummy to care abt the name. abell and ayong was there with us, and kami terserempak ngn toyol before we ate.
toothbrushing session. =)
cik jeje katenye. haa.

me, dayah, ayong, and iffah. (chubbynye pipi sy. adoi2)
adeeb, me, dayah and iffah.
gamba abell tiada coz dy ngn toyol time ney.
the day ended with me and dayah taking the train back to our respective places. i received an early bday present from all of them. a very cute cupcake! *sorry guys, xsempat tgkp gamba cupcake tu, sdp sgt i da mkn. hee.*
i reached my apartment at 11 something, all hyped up for my coming bday. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

cuba kau jd aku.

penat2 aku rindu kau sorang, kau bley kuar berlibur sampai pagi. aku bley siap tunggu kau lagi. sampai sekarang pun aku tunggu kau lagi. bley x kau pulangkan orang yang aku kenal? sebab kau yang sekarang x logik langsung untuk aku. macam mane kite bley blaja satu kolej, tapi nak jumpa kau pun susa. jgn salakan aku kalo sala paham. kau yang nak jadi mcm tu. aku da cuba paham kau. tp, sape yg nk paham aku nnt? cara kau layan aku dengan ape yg kau ckp, jaoh bezanye. bley paham x? cuba kau jd aku satu ari.

13 september ney ari jadi aku. kau igt x?
Wishlist for MY bday ;)

1. i wish tht i can spend the whole day with my loved ones( family and friends are a MUST)
2. i want a bday party SO BAD this yr. i guess turning 18 means A LOT to me.
3. i want a BLACKBERRY for my bday. *can ka daddy? huu.* daddy says no to me for ths one already.
4. i want tht day to be a memorable one. i know. i know. mcm silly aje ths wish.
5. i want him to return back to his normal self. pretty plss. i cant keep on trying to mke things better alone.
6. i want him to be there. tht's all.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


i woke up today with a yelling frm my mom. " da pkul 3 da. xkn xnk bgn lg?", she said. ouh how i miss tht voice. sdg sy mamai2, brula sy tersedar yg sy berada di rumah.ngee. it feels good waking up in my own room with the faces tht i'm familiarize with my whole life. yesterday my bus frm pudu was at 9pm and i reached home at 11. nothing changes much at home.except for the absence of my sister who is currently studying in johore and my maid who went back to indonesia. today's the first day i'm not fasting(well, of coz for the legal reason) and i'm actually going to the bazar ramadhan the first time for ramadhan this yr too. pathetic right? i cant find any bazar ramadhan near casa subang lo.

All from yesterday:

holding hands with my invincible bf. =) yeah, aizat's kinda invincible.

me n mimi :caught getting all hyped up with our fones.

usaha mimi tok membatalkan puasa sy. haha.

albrinz's candid while talking to mimi n i.

Friday, September 04, 2009

alien ouh alien yg abduct aizat shamer. pls keep him with u guys. DO NOT return him to me.

malas nk ckp byk. i'm upset tht i didn't get to see HIM before i go back to melaka. he could've just wait another 15 mins, but he didn't. i hve 7 to 8 hrs more before goin back. n i hve chem class after this. ouh, why do i have chem's class at 4 today? or else my day would've been a great one. aghh.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

my chemist test was hell yesterday. i think i'm gonna fail this time. = haa. neway, i'm still fasting without MC yet, but puase rse cam xde ape when u're away frm home. tht's why i'm all excited to go back to mlk tmrw. cant wait, cant wait. i'll just pray tht i'll get a ticket tmrw nite or even as soon as my class ends at 6. well, its impossible for me to get on the bus as soon as my class ends, coz summit's area is cramped with cars at tht time. i guess i'll hve to wait a lil lter then.

here's the thing. me n haziq had a lil misunderstanding and we're in the no-talking term rite nw, which affected my mood coz aizat's seems to be siding with him. i'm still not over the fact tht i missed the gathering with ninie and aseh yesterday. geram gle xdpt ikot, when haziq and aizat g jmpe dorg. (i was having my chem's test, u see) had a fight with HIM last nite which lasted fr 5 hrs. but we mke up. AGAIN.
okay, here's the pics for my oral presentation..
me and mimi. we had the presentation during english class, but the pics's are taken in the chem's lab. haha.
albrinz and me. *yeah, he's another s'wakian like ween and wawa*
buka puasa time at Fortuna. haziq was treating us all tht time. and, i'm not the one who's wearing white there. that's wawa. i'm wearing the yellow watch. pic ney glap sket, so x clear sgt. thre's wawa, haziq, syazni, me, aizat and ween.