Thursday, September 03, 2009

my chemist test was hell yesterday. i think i'm gonna fail this time. = haa. neway, i'm still fasting without MC yet, but puase rse cam xde ape when u're away frm home. tht's why i'm all excited to go back to mlk tmrw. cant wait, cant wait. i'll just pray tht i'll get a ticket tmrw nite or even as soon as my class ends at 6. well, its impossible for me to get on the bus as soon as my class ends, coz summit's area is cramped with cars at tht time. i guess i'll hve to wait a lil lter then.

here's the thing. me n haziq had a lil misunderstanding and we're in the no-talking term rite nw, which affected my mood coz aizat's seems to be siding with him. i'm still not over the fact tht i missed the gathering with ninie and aseh yesterday. geram gle xdpt ikot, when haziq and aizat g jmpe dorg. (i was having my chem's test, u see) had a fight with HIM last nite which lasted fr 5 hrs. but we mke up. AGAIN.
okay, here's the pics for my oral presentation..
me and mimi. we had the presentation during english class, but the pics's are taken in the chem's lab. haha.
albrinz and me. *yeah, he's another s'wakian like ween and wawa*
buka puasa time at Fortuna. haziq was treating us all tht time. and, i'm not the one who's wearing white there. that's wawa. i'm wearing the yellow watch. pic ney glap sket, so x clear sgt. thre's wawa, haziq, syazni, me, aizat and ween.

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