Saturday, September 19, 2009

it was nice seeing my close friends whom mi missed so much. lame sungguh rsenye xketemu mereka. finally on 11th september, all of us meet up at adeeb's house. thanx to her, all of us get to gather. iffah came all the way from pahang, dayah frm shah alam and me from subang. we watched eden lake before all of us dozed off tht night. (btw, eden lake sgt scary okay. i watched it halfway only). the next day, we went for last minute raya shopping. pnt la jugak, walaupun start to shop at about 2pm. haha. selesai menjelajah kedai2 yg ade, kami berbuka di mne ya? xigt nme restaurant dy. coz food dy cam pelik,and all of us were too busy filling our tummy to care abt the name. abell and ayong was there with us, and kami terserempak ngn toyol before we ate.
toothbrushing session. =)
cik jeje katenye. haa.

me, dayah, ayong, and iffah. (chubbynye pipi sy. adoi2)
adeeb, me, dayah and iffah.
gamba abell tiada coz dy ngn toyol time ney.
the day ended with me and dayah taking the train back to our respective places. i received an early bday present from all of them. a very cute cupcake! *sorry guys, xsempat tgkp gamba cupcake tu, sdp sgt i da mkn. hee.*
i reached my apartment at 11 something, all hyped up for my coming bday. =)

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