Saturday, September 19, 2009

last class for that day: chemistry.


because i got upset tht he didnt break fast with me on my bday, he took me to break fast with his kkb friends. *ouh, GREAT.* dont get me wrong, but i thought it'd only be the two of us.

luckily haziq was there as well, so i'm not the only one who looks so out of place at that time.

aizat and baby. she'll be leaving to egypt on 28th of september guys. i had a great time actually, since she's being so friendly and all. =)

aizat, me and haliq. kuros da dy skang ouh.

overall, i didnt get mad at him on that day. it was okay for me, as long as i did get to spend some time with him. pathetic, i know. but, whatever. i wanna make this thing work this time. God, give me the strength to hold on please. i DO love him.

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