Saturday, September 19, 2009


mimi and i went down to level 1 of ur apartment to meet apek and haziq. we had a mini celebration for my bday by the pool. *i was lucky enough that i didnt get thrown into the pool.=)* i did get to blow a candle for my bday, it was too windy down there u see.

Make A WISH. and so i did. i wished for him to be happy, and for this thing to last this time.

haziq, apek, akim and myself then went out and we came back at 3am. i was exhausted and i slept till 2pm.

mimi woke me up and gave me my bday present. =) best ouh, bgn pg2 da dpt present. haa. tanx mimi! the rest of the day was spent with nothingness. friends and family: tanx for the bday wishes and presents! i appreciate them all.

he promised to break fast with me on tht day and to celebrate. nope, he didnt make it. and i didnt get to see him on my bday. how bad can it be guys? i dont know. again, sy cakap "xpe" kat dye.

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