Saturday, September 05, 2009


i woke up today with a yelling frm my mom. " da pkul 3 da. xkn xnk bgn lg?", she said. ouh how i miss tht voice. sdg sy mamai2, brula sy tersedar yg sy berada di rumah.ngee. it feels good waking up in my own room with the faces tht i'm familiarize with my whole life. yesterday my bus frm pudu was at 9pm and i reached home at 11. nothing changes much at home.except for the absence of my sister who is currently studying in johore and my maid who went back to indonesia. today's the first day i'm not fasting(well, of coz for the legal reason) and i'm actually going to the bazar ramadhan the first time for ramadhan this yr too. pathetic right? i cant find any bazar ramadhan near casa subang lo.

All from yesterday:

holding hands with my invincible bf. =) yeah, aizat's kinda invincible.

me n mimi :caught getting all hyped up with our fones.

usaha mimi tok membatalkan puasa sy. haha.

albrinz's candid while talking to mimi n i.

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