Friday, October 09, 2009

2 hours and 30 mins.

so, yesterday brula dpt kua ngn si dye. itupun stelah dye dileteri. i wasnt expecting much, just a regular movie-dinner date. its okay for me as long tht we get to spend time together. after class, i went to see him. and ouh, suddenly he felt like going to a program in ur college tht day. luckily he lost the ticket, and we ended up going to pyramid instead. by saying WE, now there's three of us instead of two. haziq tagged along. and it wasnt a date anymore. we went to maxis centre there, coz haziq needed to pay his bill. then, we watched 500 days of summer at tgv, and went back after tht.
fine, fine. i'm gonna be patient again this time. i havent seen u for like forever, and i get to spend only 2 hrs and 30 mins with u? crap. i might really get tired of trying this time.

attn: ned, u shud watch the movie. rse2, ssuai ngn kite ouh. =)

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