Friday, October 16, 2009

blackberry anyone?

my phone suffered a lot. i pity it. broken parts here and there. i think it can only survive for a few months more. waah. the fact is, i love my phone. i've had it for a year and a half now. it went through everything with me. through all the happy times, heartaches, frustrations and weariness, one thing is always by my side. my phone. phone, ouh phone. please dont leave me. i cannot imagine my life without u. life's not worth living in without u. GOD, why'd u wanna take it from me?

i told my mom tht my phone's broken. she refused to sponsor a new one. but u promised a blackberry for me next year. cant i have it now instead? haish. she must be having financial problems now. ;( i wanna be a good child and i never intended to ask for money. i'm so sorry mom. forget the blackberry okay? i love my old phone. gosh. i loathe the fact that i cant work now. why dont money just grow on trees?? i'll be a successful farmer then. yeah, life's unfair, i know.

mom said, forget abt the money issue. move on with life. ouh mom, have i tell u this? i love u so much. u hold on, okay?

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