Friday, October 16, 2009

body's aching

yeah, my body's aching all over. had a long day yesterday.

went to pyramid with aizat right after class at 5.30pm. we watched papadom! omg, the story's nice and sad, and touching, and great. i almost cried while watching it. i think, tht movie delivers a very clear msg on appreciating our loved ones, which is suitable for aizat to watch. =))

then, we went to pak li in sect 7, with amoi, adam and apek. guess i ran into who?? sofea! bapak lme gle xjmpe kn. tp xsempat borak lme pn, coz uitmnye gate ttp kul 11 kn.

i lost count of the activities after tht. all i knw is that, all of us left AC at 5 am. and i was exhausted. slept like a pig till 4.30pm, just now.

we had a great time yesterday. and maybe it did make up for some lost times together. yeah syg, we could always try.

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