Wednesday, October 28, 2009

carpe diem

this is the simple fact. aizat is a coward. he asked nora to admit tht she's his gf, and he refused to say a word. thinking about it, i really regretted wasting these 2 years loving him without asking for anything in return. another fact hit me really hard. he never did really love me. not even a little. thts the only explanation for treating me this way. no, i'm not mad at him. and i dont hate him for what he did. i love him still. but enough of it. this is too much. to treat me like this is unacceptable.

i should've listened to mom and dad. they never liked aizat, i guess thts for good reasons. i'm sorry. i should've listened to u guys.haish.

aizat, i forgive u for everything, but i wont ever forget wht u did today. not even if i die, thts how bad it is. and by the way, tanx. u taught me a lot of things. u taught me how to love, more importantly, how to let go. please, dont ever appear in front of me again. i do not wish to see u ever again. move to another college if u have to. really, i dont wanna see u again. u hurt me really bad. most important of all, u dont deserve me. i deserve someone a million times better than u.

tanx to everyone for ur endless support. i really appreciate it. i now know tht there's a lot more to love other than aizat shamer azmi. i've learnt my lesson guys.

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