Friday, October 09, 2009

cerita lemonade

when life gives u shit, nevermind, dont be mad. there's never really a reason to be mad at life. i used to be one of those ppl who thought tht life was so unfair. why am i not freaking rich?? why am i not skinny enuf?? why am i not beautiful like her?? yada, yada, yada.. recently, i've been told that someone had died. i dont even know tht person u see. he's someone's cousin. he had an accident and just died. it got me thinking u knw, life's so short. all this while, i only know how to complain abt life not being perfect for me.

mom said, when life gives u lemon, its okay. u can always drink lemonade right? =) and so i tried to make my life fun and worth living. hey, i'm already 18. these days, when i go to college, i found out tht i can actually be happy if i wanted to. even if i fought with aizat, or someone mistreated me, i have friends who actually care abt me. i'm happy and content with life now.

as for me and aizat, i'm not giving up on trying yet. yeah, i love him. a lot. and we're doing okay now.

almost 11 months and still counting. =)

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