Thursday, October 22, 2009

comfort zone

i'm listening to d'masiv, merindukanmu. credits to ned for this soothing song. i still havent started on anythg for my chemistry, but i will, soon. pray tht i wont fail this time yeah? my head's throbbing so bad, i hadnt stop crying for almost 2 hours now. i need to stop now, chemistry wont wait for me to be okay.too bad.

i'm leaving everything behind, and i'm going back to melaka tmrw. i'll seek some comfort there. mom, i need u. comfort me pls. i wish tht i could stay with u forever. u're the one who cared abt me most, i know tht, and u always will.

heart, hold on for a while yeah? bear with me a little longer. i pity u, as much as i pitied myself as i'm not able to protect u from harm. we'll go through ths together okay? be strong.

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