Tuesday, October 20, 2009

embrace it.

she gave up on being mad. deep inside, she knows tht he feels the same way too. nope, she wasnt assuming or hoping tht he'd love her the way she do. she just feels it. he wasnt a person who's good at telling her how he feels abt her, he never was, and never is. she had known him long enough to know tht fact. he was wrong for being too busy, for being too ignorant, but he's just being.. him. in the end she cant argue with the fact tht she loves him for who he is. despite everythg tht her silly mind keeps telling her, she wont budge. she wont walkaway, because she knows tht he is actually trying too. only tht, she keeps on blaming him for his imperfection. because he's not like everyone else's bf. he's my bf. i love him and i always will.

there goes all my "jiwangness". i know, i grumble a lot. i wanted a perfect fairytale for myself. haha, wake up girl. u're not cinderella, and he's not prince charming, thank you. ;)

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