Sunday, October 25, 2009

friends or foes

a friend in need is a friend indeed.

last week, i was totally upset. i told u abt my heartaches and stuff. dont worry. i'm all healed now. haha. someone told me tht i could have her superwoman title for a day, and tht helped me a lot. tanx neddy. although i didnt manage to read anything for my chemistry, at least i was doing okay. tht's good news right?

apek and neddy comforted me tht night, and also adeeb. it feels great to be surrounded by friends who care. i know, i'm lucky. apek and i went back to melaka and he accompanied me a lot, melayankan sy yg patah hati. pg shopping pn trpksa ditemankn. hee.

sorry guys, i'm sticking with him. no, i'll be more miserable and all broken if i leave him. i'm not willing to go through those 7 months without him again. no.

note to self; u're asking for it. dont regret if u end up with ur heart shattered to pieces again.

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