Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hari ini sy blaja benda baru.
today, i had my chemistry test, which turned out to be okay. despite the fact tht i didnt finish reading ONE whole chapter on instrumental analysis, i still think tht this time i had a chance of not failing chemistry. fuh, i was lucky tht the questions selected by my teacher's nt tht complicated. and so, since the tests are over,(for now at least,) my hsemates decided to watch Friday the 13th. halfway through the movie, we realised tht it was uncensored. haha, dah tgk sparuh, so abeskn jela till the end. to other friends: pls dont watch this movie if u're with kids. xpasal2 dpt sex education nnt. i mean, SERIOUSLY.

lalalalala, nk g smayang taubat la pasni. hilang ilmu sy. =PP.

nak pergi date la besok. my class ended early tmrw!

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