Sunday, October 25, 2009

hati ke, rasa?

i've changed into a very forgiving person. i've learnt to forgive so many things this three months. yeah, my heart had sustained multiple injuries but it still survived, fortunately. hey, recently i found out tht i'm actually VERY stubborn. when everyone's telling me to move on, even from before this, i refused to. i did try, i really did, during those 7 months. but it's eating me up inside. the feelings of longing and missing were really hard to bear at tht time. i can still remember the sleepless nights i had when i was missing him. life was hard, but i managed to live through it. and i'm proud of myself for that.

i told u tht i'm gonna trust him this time right? i've promised myself tht i'll never ever let go this time too. we're holding on, right now. dont worry, i'll come crying to u guys next time we messed up. till then, i can only tell u tht i'm happy now. be content with life, remember?

ikot hati, mati. ikot rasa plak, binasa. nk ikot hati ke rasa ni eh?
i wanted to choose both. tp nnt msk neraka jahanam la jwpnye. =))

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