Thursday, October 22, 2009

i feel stupid

i am stupid, i know. i need someone to just slap me, and tell me tht i'm stupid. pls tell me to stop wtvr i'm doing now. i'm crying so bad now, my heart is hurting, yet again.just tell me to let go and move on,pls. no, dont tell me, just MAKE me let go and move on.ouh, i need a hug so bad rite now. pls, pls, pls tell me tht everythg's gonna be okay.

am i not good enough for u? i'm pretty sure i am. i've been the best, most understanding, most loyal, most stupid gf on earth. wht else do u want? i trusted u, my mistake then. ouch, it freaking hurts. i've got to stop doing this to myself, finals near u know. and i have chemistry trials tmrw. haha. great timing. i really, really, really dont wanna fight with u. i thought we're doing okay, wht happen to all ur promises?

pls someone mke this stop. i need to study. seriously.

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