Wednesday, October 28, 2009


i,just got dumped today. here's the story.

remember when i said that i sensed something was wrong with him? i thought it was a new girl. god, i was wrong. it was nora, his ex gf. i confronted aizat in college just now, he kept on denying tht he got back together with her. but i saw their picture together, taken a few days ago. wht the hell? he acts like everythg's normal. then, coincidently,(thank god!!) nora called. i answered his phone, ntah dari mne i got the courage pn, i tataw. so, i talked to her. i asked her whether they were back together or not. she asked me who i was instead. i told her i was his gf. aizat asked her to meet us at tht time. i thought tht he was abt to ask her explain, tht she got ntg to do with him. again, i was SO WRONG.

she came, and aizat went to her, started holding hands with her, and thts when i realize, with great despair tht i'm the one who's not suppose to be there. damn. it hurts. he asked nora to tell me tht she was his gf. she refused to say so, *she pitied me, u see.*aizat got mad, so he left. i talked to him, asking him not to leave. but he didnt even look at me, it's like i never existed in the first place.

it was raining, i was so humiliated, broken, ashamed, sad and tormented. words cant describe the pain i felt. i left the cafe too, walking in the rain, absorbing the ugly fact tht i'm not wanted anymore. guess wht? someone chased after me, calling my name and all. i had hoped tht it was aizat. yet again, i was wrong. it was nora. she refused to let me go back. she wanted to send me home. she feels sorry for me.and she comforted me all the way to casa subang.

imagine, how it must've feel like to be me. never in a million years, i imagine him to be this bad. yes, he was bad, but not this BAD. i was treated like a dog today. a freaking dog. i was humiliated, and hurt like im not suppose to have feelings. didnt he consider, tht i have feelings too? i had loved him so much, and i trusted him. this is wht i get in the end. i feel sorry for myself.

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