Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jakuns, putrajaya & ...

yesterday was crap. i got my bio, english and chemistry marks. guess wht?? i failed my chemistry. waaaaah. it was unexpected, coz the questions were easy. darn it. thts why its a big deal. i went back to casa with aizat, too upset to talk much. he made me feel better at least. =)
ble tbe mlm hari, terlepaslah si jakun2 drpd ikatan. haha, apek and i both had a bad day, so we went hanging out with adam. release sket stress. kami mengembara smpi putrajaya, went karaoke-ing there, and sight seeing. sumpa, gle mcm tourists ouh. i didnt know that putrajaya looked so beautiful at night, cyes mcm bandar metrofulus dlm cte cicakman. haha.
me, apek, adam and abg ngah.
me, adam and apek. *poyo gle apek xnk amek gmba. haha.*
smlm happy sgt. ni sume gara2 da lme x karaoke. habes my voice box, jerit2, more than nyanyi2. =))
smlm pnye smlm tgk cte the perfect getaway, midnight di pyramid. bes gk cte dye ouh. next time, if i'm not happy with my life, i'm gonna go and be a serial killer and steal other ppl's identity. cool. haha.

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