Sunday, October 11, 2009

klcc, here we come!

i woke up when someone hugged me frm behind. yeah syg, wht is it? haha. of course it was nt him. it was mimi, trying to wake me up. there goes my sweetdream, mimi. haish.

jeng, jeng, jeng. plan for today: all girls trip to klcc. *ala, mcm bdk2 skola tuu.* hee.
and so mimi, diana, and myself headed to klcc at 3pm and reached there at 4.30pm. just for the sake of travelling, we treated ourselves like the jakuns, and tourists the whole day. and, and, and, i managed to just go window shopping in klcc. although i feel like buying something, this time i did resist the urge to shop. =)) after tht, we went walking around the taman there. and camwhoring, as usual.
me and mimi. squatting bcoz the grass was wet. haa.
yeah, i'm freaking happy. ;D
kne kejar ngn pak guard lps ney. *we're not supposed to wear shoes there u see.* hehe.
at the end of the day, with diana. gle pnt ouh.
we reached home at 1o.30pm. and apek and myself went down lepaking until 1am. overall, i'm drained out of energy. today's fun! it took my mind off things, at least. tanx everyone, u guys made my day a wonderful one. ;)

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