Friday, October 02, 2009

Last Week: 26 September 2009.

i was bored last weekend, and so i texted a few of my friends and asked to go beraya at their house. (bapak xmalu gle aku ney). many of them weren't back yet from their hometown and some of their houses are just too far away. finally, ameer and ninie agreed to let me go beraya. yayy! since aizat promised to take me beraya, he was dragged along . first,we : haliq and myself went to aizat's house, then me,azrai, haliq and naem went to ameer's hse. dok2 skejap di sane b4 going to our next destination: ninie's house. ameer tag along, and so, there's like six of us. dalam perjalanan ke bandar kinrara, kami byk kali tersesat, until abt 1 hr after tht bru smpi uma ninie. hee, sampai2 kami sume dijamu dgn dinner, prepared by ninie's mom. =) haa. tanx a lot ninie, akhirnye dpt jumpa dye juga. lame gle rsenye xjmpe ninie, rindu sgt. overall, i had a great time that day, dpt juge pergi beraye, although pg 3 ruma aje.

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